Listen to the stories and experiences that counselors, directors, staff, and campers have had because of Star Rock Ministries.

PB (198 of 129)Hi I’m Carly “Shakes” DeBeikes. I was a counselor at YSSC and a huge fan of Star Rock Ministries.  I was born and raised in Orange County where I grew up in a very close and loving family. I majored at the University of Southern California in Public Policy. I am praying God will lead me in the right direction to pursue a career that will allow me to help people, hopefully in the non-profit sector. Working with kids over the summer has solidified my educational goals that I love working with people. Being a camper myself at YSSC years ago made me realize that I wanted to pour into other young girls’ lives.

Having the opportunity to enjoy SRM kids in several of my cabins has truly impacted my life.  Their appreciation for everything opened my eyes to enjoy the little things in life we often take for granted. One of my campers, Paula, was one of the more quiet campers but a strong girl with a sincere heart.  She always put others first.   She was the only one in the cabin who did not complain about the weather or bugs on our backpack, and she continued to persevere through the hike with a positive attitude.  During our affirmation circle on the last day she opened up to our entire cabin and expressed how much she enjoyed camp and how she had never experienced anything like it. We still exchange letters today, updating each other on our lives.

One camper I had from Orange County who grew up in my hometown saw how little one of the SRM kids brought to camp and expressed to me later how awful she felt about being materialistic when other kids aren’t even provided with similar possessions. A newfound appreciation was established that day in my cabin …a perspective on life that was focused on the essential qualities of life found in God’s goodness and love while being in community with one another.

Star Rock Ministries has impacted the lives of so many campers as well as staff members simply by providing kids with the opportunity to escape life and enjoy being a kid at camp for two weeks. Some of my favorite campers have come through SRM and I will never forget the moments we shared together during those memorable weeks at camp and everything they taught me.

Carly “Shakes” DeBeikes
Counselor, Yosemite Sierra Sumer Camp

“Crystal has been homeless and in and out of shelters since she was fourteen years old.  We have been ministering to her for the last year.  If it wasn’t for investors like you, she would not be to attend [The Oaks Winter Leadership Camp].  “She has made a commitment to Christ and has been growing.  The only family she has is the church.”

Executive Director, Urban Youth Workers Institute

“From the moment our organization’s students received their invites, to far past their return from camp, I get to witness an amazing transformational process.  The time they spend at camp allows our students to establish stronger relationships with their peers as well as form new friendships with other campers. Saint Joseph Ballet and our students are grateful for the camp opportunities that Star Rock Ministries have granted.”

Mayra Avina
Student Activities, The Wooden Floor

“Daily, I could see smiles on our kids faces as they arrived and left Day Camp.  The kids were a lot more secure with themselves, the staff, and their fellow campers… and they made friends with new kids from totally different backgrounds.”

Nidia Monroy
Onsite Director, CREER

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had, without a doubt.  I’m so glad there are people in this world who help others have faith in God…… Camp is a place I’ll never forget.  I want to thank you for helping me understand more about God and for having so much fun while doing it.”

Adalid Cruz
Campership Recipient, Bresee Foundation

“I hope my counselor never forgets me, for when I grow up I want to be his twin.”

Juan Serrano
Campership Recipient, People’s Self Help Housing